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Diagnostic Imaging Systems provides quality imaging products at the best possible price with our "Just Ask" price matching.  DIS products are specifically designed and engineered to match your small animal, large animal, equine, or mixed animal practice. Click on your practice type to see all of our products designed to meet your needs, or click on a product type to see everything in that line.

Portable X RayAre you looking for a Portable X-Ray unit, but are unsure what to buy?  Check out our
Portable X-Ray Recommendations.  We have made it easy to find the perfect Portable X-Ray unit for your Veterinary practice. Select your exact practice type, see our recommendations, along with the accessories to go with them and even compare to the competition.

Not sure which digital system you should buy? Take a quick look at the differences between DR Flat Panel, DR CCD, and CR so you can choose which system is best for your practice. 

Small Animal

Small Animal Practice
If you care for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals, Diagnostic Imaging Systems has the digital imaging products perfect for your
Veterinary Practice.

Large Animal / Equine Practice
Large Animal / Equine Practice
Large animals, including equine, require specialized equipment. DIS offers a wide variety of X- Ray equipment and other digital imaging products specific for you.

Mixed Animal

Mixed Animal Practice
If your clinic caters to all animals, big and small, then you need digital imaging equipment that's as versatile as you. See what products DIS offers that to fit your needs.

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Digital Rewards


DR Flat Panels

DR Flat Panels
The time is now to switch to DR.
DIS is offering trade-in allowances of up to $20,000 on your existing CR system toward the purchase of a new small or large animal DR system.

In most cases you won’t even have to technique or learn new imaging software. Our DR system will integrate into Vet-Ray and other software programs so all your patient records, files and links remain the same.

CR Scanners

CR Scanners
Transform your practice with CR
The iCR3600 and Chrome automated CR Scanners are rugged, dependable and affordable single-plate readers that produce amazing images.

The CR Navigator 2000/4000 systems deliver industry leading quality at an affordable price. They are the ideal way to make digital x-ray imaging a reality in your practice and is well within the reach of every budget

Portable X-Ray Units
Portable X Ray
DIS introduces the most advanced, compact, lightest, highest powered portable x-ray units available. They are highly efficient portables, designed especially for the veterinary practitioner and features full logic control operation and provide high resolution imaging at lower dosage. These units produce more power output than other lightweight units.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Diagnostic Imaging Systems has a wide array of high-end digital Veterinary Ultrasounds.

These Ultrasound units are equipped to meet the examination and diagnosis requirements for all Veterinary practices.

 Radiology Accessory Equipment
Versa-Vew Position AidesVersa-View Mobile X-Ray Exam Table

DIS offers the exclusive, patented Versa-View line of X-Ray Exam Tables and other radiology accessories designed to meet the needs of every Veterinarian.

Radiation Protection
Digital Radiology Supplies and AccessoriesRadiology Apron

From gloves to aprons, DIS has a wide array of Radiation Protection supplies and accessories for your practice.

Used Equipment
Used Equipment

Purchasing used veterinary radiography equipment from DIS could be one of the best business decisions you make. You have the opportunity to improve your level of service to your customers at a cost much lower than you would expect.
Supplies & Positioning Aids
Supplies and Positioing AidsSupplies and Positioing Aids 
DIS offers a huge selection of affordable, high-quality Veterinary supplies and positioning aids.

Take a look at just some of the products we offer.

Digital Dental
ImageVet4GAribex nomad Pro 2

The Digital Dental systems offered by DIS are more accurate than film-based systems and are faster and easier to use. There is no more wasting time with chemicals and film developing, your images are able to be viewed immediately.

Did you know the government could be paying you to purchase new equipment?"

Approximately 30% of your this years new equipment purchase cost could be written off your tax liability, based on your stated year profit and your current tax rate status. Take advantage. As long as you have a profit and taxes to pay this year, you will have a tax savings coming in the form of equipment purchase tax credit.

This tax credit will lower the
amount you would otherwise have to pay the government in taxes and for some could reduce your tax liability to zero.
See section 179 equipment purchase tax credit information details.

Featured Products

Versa-View 400 Float Top Mobile Exam Table

New Mobile X-ray examination table with two-way floating table top.


NOW! The first integrated mobile veterinary x-ray examination table to provide x-ray capabilities in exam rooms and surgery suites, WITH easy and accurate positioning with a two-way float top, ensuring consistent, quality results every time.

Versa-View 400 float top exam table

Versa-View All-in-One True Mixed-Animal X-Ray System 

Hot Swap Warranty

Versa-View all-in-one systemThe first integrated mobile veterinary x-ray examination system to provide x-ray capabilities, with its easily dockable and removable Ultrastand, in examination rooms, surgery suites and in the field, with easy and accurate positioning ensuring consistent, quality results.

Patent Pending


AllPro ScanX Digital CR Scanner 3500 Navigator Package-refurbished

Now the most affordable, portable digital imaging systems are the lightest, fastest, and battery powered too.

AllPro Scan X CR 3500Our powerful, yet portable Veterinary CR Scanner unit. Designed for your needs and the rigors of life on the road. Exceptionally lightweight, its case with handle invites easy transport from your vehicle to the barn or stable and back. A soft case is also available.

Download ScanX Digital CR Scanner Package Brochure

Digital Navigator 3-Way System
Custom solutions to meet the needs of any mixed animal practice

Digital Navigator 3-Way X-Ray SystemDIS offers you the latest technology; the first Mobile Veterinary Digital X-Ray System, designed specifically for mixed veterinary practice. Utilizing the ULTRA High-Frequency Self-Contained 120kvp X-Ray unit with APR and the Mobile Versa-View X-Ray Exam Table which allows the maximum flexibility for both mixed animal practice needs and your budget.

New DR panels are bringing technology into the markets that was previously unavailable.  With outstanding image quality and a reduced dosage  compared to CR or CCD  based x-ray systems, these panels will bring smaller facilities the same quality and performance that was previously only available to high end hospitals and imaging centers. 

Download the Digital Navigator 3-way System Brochure

DR 4300 Stationary System

DR 4300 Stationary SystemThe DR 4300 Smart Panel Plus System is designed to provide high performance at an affordable price.

The Flat Panel uses a very stable detector compared with CR and CCD detectors. Furthermore Flat Panels with its patented dose recognition and image density correction provides high quality images for all diagnostic purposes. The wide dynamic range of the detector allows wide latitude effective brightness and contrast image adjustment.


Download DR 4300 Smart Panel Plus System Printable Brochure

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