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Dealers Benefit From Partnership With Diagnostic Imaging Systems
In 1983 when Diagnostic Imaging Systems began providing radiographic systems sales and service support to the veterinarian community, technology was significantly different than. Doctors were using old analog x-ray machines and film processors. The old film process as you know is time consuming, messy, smelly and produces images that lack the clarity and sharpness of current digital images. As the technology has changed over the past 27 years, so has Diagnostic Imaging Systems. Our ability to grow with the technology is one of the reasons we are able to provide our customers with the current line of state-of-the-art digital imaging systems.
 Here at Diagnostic Imaging Systems, our mission is to help veterinary doctors take the next step into the digital age. We provide complete radiology systems, featuring the latest innovations in x-ray technology, to customers throughout the United States and around the world. Through our partnerships with private x-ray dealers, we are able to bring our state-of-the-art digital technology to every community. These partnerships allow for greater growth potential a long with a new revenue stream for veterinary product sales organizations.
 Throughout the year, our sales staff travels the country attending different trade shows. When veterinarians or radiology specialists visiting our conference booth first see the digital images on the x-ray on the screen it stops them dead in their tracks. Film never looked so good. Once your customer has seen the image displayed clearly, your staff’s job in selling the system becomes much easier.
 Successful partnerships are more than just two people exchanging goods. At Diagnostic Imaging Systems we strive to be a working resource for you and your staff to utilize. With customized product brochures and internet marketing, we take the hard work out of marketing these products, leaving you the time to complete the sale. Unlike many other companies, once the sale is made and product is delivered, we will continue to provide outstanding service. We provide free technical phone support and assistance so that your customers know they are guaranteed the highest quality image with the least amount of hassle.
 We at Diagnostic Imaging Systems are pleased with the partnership we have forged with our dealers over the years. As the equipment technology continues to evolve you can rest assured Diagnostic Imaging Systems will continue our product research and development that has set us apart and made us known as a true innovator in the field of veterinary radiology. DIS will be answering the needs of veterinarians today, tomorrow and in the distant future. We are confident that our dealers will be there to help us meet those needs while enjoying the rewards a job well done provides.

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