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MinXRay HF8015 Ultralight

 Ultralight HF8015 MinXray

MinXRay HF8015 Ultralight

The MinXRay HF8015 Ultralight is a high frequency portable x-ray unit for Equine practice.  It features an integrated, adjustable dual laser pointers, high frequency, full-wave rectified power, easily programmed memory for storage of five exposure techniques, small focal point for sharper radiographs on all views, automatic dynamic line voltage compensation, mAs/Time display switching capability and only weighs 14 lbs. Includes power cord, exposure cord and carrying case.

Output:  15mA @ 50-80 kVDC
Timer:  Ultra High Resolution, 0.01-1.99 sec., 199 steps
AC Input:  115 V or 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Line Voltage Adjustment:  Automatic, dynamic
Internal Power Supply:  Constant potential, 60 kHz, full-wave rectified
X-ray Tube:  SNMI XDT-F80
Focal Spot Size:  1.0 mm
Anode Heat Storage:  7 kHU
Total Filtration:  2.7 mm A1 equivalent
Collimator:  Continuously adjustable light beam type with central x-ray indicator, Mikasa R-200V J01
Dual Laser Pointers (dip):  Maximum Average Radiant Power:  3mW; Beam Diameter: 3mm
Exposure Cord:  8 feet
Power Cord:  20 feet
Size 5" W x6" H x 12.5" L

Used, like new and includes 30 day labor warranty. 

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