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For Veterinarians, ultrasound is a quick, non-invasive, and effective diagnostic tool to evaluate the internal structure and function of the organs of the abdomen and thorax and the soft tissues of the body. With ultrasound, you can get biopsies of abnormal tissues without surgery. 

Diagnostic Imaging Systems has a wide array of high-end digital Ultrasounds to meet the needs of your Veterianry practice.

Go to the DVM Resource Center to make your own DISCOUNTED, non-binding offer or call 1-800-346-9729 for more information.
 Learn more about these high-end Ultrasounds and how they can meet your needs.


Siui CTS-800V Palm-Sized Ultrasound
CTS-800V ultrasound
The SIUI CTS 800 vet is a palm-sized ultrasound scanner for farm animals. It’s small with a 7-inch LCD monitor. The SIUI CTS-800 has a long battery life and is also waterproof. Another nice feature is a gravity sensor that will rotate the image vertically or horizontally, depending on how you’re holding the ultrasound system. 

FarmScan® L60+
FarmScan® L60+ , considerate design for confortable, fast and reliable detection of pregnancy and gynecological diagnosis in difficult field conditions on a daily basis, and becomes the ideal scanner for all veterinary applications –bovine, equine, swine, ovine , Lama and small ruminants.

Sonoscape A6V Ultrasound
Sonoscape A6V ultrasound
Introducing the SonoScape A6V
. Professional elegant compact design digital portable ultrasound system for veterinary applications. A6V is our latest ultra light LCD model weighing only 13 pounds. This easy to use ultrasound system’s image modes include tissue harmonic imaging, B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B. With its adjustable 5 frequency selections for each probe provides working frequency from 2.0 MHz to 12.0 MHz (probe depending)

DP-50V Ultrasound
DP-50V Ultrasound
The DP-50V is engineered to help you get the information you need with an innovative high performance compact B/W system. The DP-50V’s X-treme engine and high speed processing power provides outstanding image quality and a complete information management solution.

 CTS 3300 Ultrasound
CTS 3300 Ultrasound
The CTS-3300, designed specially for the users, is the new generation digital ultrasound. Based on the transplanted high-end medical ultrasound technical platform, the CTS-3300 is endorsed with excellent image quality and practical operation procedures, together with users' application preference and comments.

CTS-5500 Ultrasound
CTS 5500 Ultrasound
The CTS-5500 is a high-end digital veterinary ultrasound imaging system. It can be equipped with a variety of special probes, meeting the examination and diagnosis requirements for different animals. The system plays an important role in injury diagnosis of joint and tendon, organ disease diagnosis such as cardiology, pregnancy check, ovarian growth check for increasing conception rate and litter size, as well as biological engineering research such as assisting embryo transplantation. 

CTS-8800 Ultrasound
CTS-8800 Ultrasound
A breakthrough in traditional designation, the latest and processes closely combined with up-to-date IT technology with a variety of advanced ultrasound imaging technologies. The CTS-8800 provides accurate beam forming and signal processing, digital image acquisition and processing ensure images with clear-cut edge and no distortion. 

Apogee 1100 Ultrasound
Apogee 1100 Ultrasound
The standard in today’s Ultrasound, the Apogee1100 offers high quality digital diagnostic imaging wherever/whenever you want. Excellent imaging performance and reliable diagnosis make clinical examination much more effective. Powered by the XD Engine, the Apogee1100 optimizes imaging precision via all digital technologies and ensures the reality and perfection of images.

RSP ThermalSound Theraputic Ultrasound
RSP ThermalSound Theraputic Ult
The ThermalSound UT1021V 1.0 & 3.0 MHz pulsed ultrasound system is used for a variety of large and small animal therapy applications that provide the user with adjustable treatment controls for power intensity, frequency, duty cycle and length of treatment. Ultrasound therapy helps relieve pain, reduce muscle stiffness and promote healing with its high frequency pulsed sound waves that vibrate deep tissue and draw blood to the tissue in the treatment area to increase the bodies healing nutrients to the injury site.

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