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CR Digital Imaging Systems Q & A


Computed Radiology CR

Questions & Answers

1. What is CR? answer
2. What are the advantages of CR? answer
3. What is unique about storage phosphors? answer
4. How is a storage phosphor plate exposed and what system speed is required? answer
5. How is the phosphor plate “developed or scanned” and is a darkroom required? answer
6. What happens to a storage phosphor plate after it is scanned? answer
7. How many times can I use a storage phosphor plate? answer
8. How do I clean the phosphor plates? answer
9. How often should I clean the phosphor plates? answer
10. Where is CR used? answer
11. Why would I use CR? answer
12. Does CR require x-ray machine replacement? answer
13. How is the workflow different with CR? answer
14. What do CR systems look like and what image sizes can they produce? answer
15. What do I need to install a CR system?
16. Can I lease a CR system and save or even make money compared to the cost of film usage? answer
17. How do I view the images? answer
18. How do the images get to the view station? answer
19. What is image manipulation, window leveling? answer
20. Where do I store these images? answer
21. Can I print a hard copy of the CR image? answer
22. How long does it take to scan a plate's image and erase a plate? answer
23. What system is best if we produce images from more than one location, office and field? answer
Contact about this info: joe@vetxray.com

CR Advantages
1.  CR Low price, 1/2 -1/3 the cost of DR
2.  CR High resolution up to 5 - 10 LP/mm
3.  CR No Cables around animal
4.  CR Easy to Use with cassette positioners
5.  CR No temperature limitation
6.  CR No electronics by animal, only plate
7.  CR Easy to replace cassette/plate
8.  CR Replacement plate costs start at $500.00
9.  CR Plate is shock, drop, and kick resistant
10. CR All Vets with plates can Use system
11. CR Uses any size intra-oral dental plates
12. CR Plate lighter than conventional cass.
13. CR No modification to x-ray unit connection
14. CR Can be used with any x-ray unit 
15. CR Most popular digital technology
16. CR Most secure technology for 25 years
17. CR Least complicated easy to service
18. CR Least expensive to service & repair

CR Disadvantages
1. CR Scanning time 25 - 45 sec.
2. CR Plate must be removed from cassette to be scanned

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